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  • How to choose insulation material?

    It uses materials with low thermal conductivity, low moisture absorption, non-flammable or non-flammable, sufficient carrying capacity, and does not contain colonial bacteria, and does not emit odors and volatiles that may endanger health. Generally speaking, polystyrene foam is suitable for insulation sheets. Its quality should meet the following requirements: The apparent density should not be less than 28Kg/m3 and the thermal conductivity should not be greater than 0. 041W/ (m k); compressive stress should not be less than 150KPa; water absorption should not be greater than 1.5%; oxygen index should not be less than 30%. When other insulation materials are used, the thickness is determined according to the principle of equivalent thermal resistance to ensure the same effect.

    2018/01/12 31

  • What are the two type underfloor heating?

    1>Wet-type   The floor is leveled with cement mortar first. Then lay foamed plastic sheets (with a layer of aluminum foil on the upper part of the sheet) with thickness not less than 20 mm. Pave hot water coils on the aluminum foil layer. Fix the coils with the insulation layer with plastic studs. Lastly, pour beanstone or fine stone concrete as the filling layer. The floor decoration layer lays bricks or wooden floors on the filling layer according to user's requirements. 2> Dry-type Placing the heating coil in the empty drum without any landfill between the base insulation layer and the keeled overhead wood (bamboo) floor decoration layer can overcome the shortcomings of the wet method, because it does not need to destroy the ground structure. The factory prefabricated construction is fast and the quality is guaranteed. 

    2018/01/12 29

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